Dior Ceremonies

To love, rejoice, and inspire

Ceremony is a gift of love and also an opportunity to express, share and and celebrate love.

The Renewal of vows ceremony

A ceremony to recognise the development and growth of a couple through their marriage, marking their journey together and the emotional changes through their married life. The renewal ceremonies often coincide with a significant wedding anniversary and the vows of the original wedding are often repeated or modified for each milestone of the couple’s relationship. The involvement of the children and grandchildren is a great enhancement to the ceremony.

The love commitment ceremony

Ideal for couples who do not wish to follow the traditional marriage ceremony but require a form of commitment to each other witnessed by friends and family. In addition, couples who do not want to be associated with religious ceremony or the act of marriage. The partners, sometime, make each other the executor of their wills or give each other the power of attorney.

The naming ceremony  

Welcoming or name giving ceremony for a child of any age. The ceremony allows us to create a sacred space where family and friends can take part in a celebration of a birth of a child or welcome an adoptive child into the family and also into the community. A naming ceremony is an important social event for Australians where parents and grand parents welcome a new addition to the family in a meaningful way.

Other ceremonies

  1. These ceremonies include:

  2. Overseas couples wanting to get married in Australia, especially those who like the australian iconic places like the Opera House, Sydney harbour, Sydney parks, gazebos and waterways.

  3. Ceremonies from the worldwide spiritual tradition like Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and different rituals from Germany, South Africa, Korea, Canada, United States and more.

  4. Intercultural unions incorporating ceremonies from all over the world, also rites and rituals of differing cultures enriched with symbols and traditions of both sides.

  5. No frill ceremonies for people who prefer simplicity and speed, also, non complex, non wordy ritual to suit their requirements.

  6. Every ceremony is tailor made to suit the particular needs of the people involved.